Wonderland Political
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Wonderland: The odd and almost quirky country of the Queen of Hearts. It is home to the strangest and most oddball residents that can be imagined. Most of Wonderland’s citizens seem to do entirely nothing useful, though they seem to strive for an indescribable something. The stubborn and almost hardheaded Queen of Hearts rules Wonderland itself. Many a poor citizen of Wonderland has lost their heads at the Queen’s command. Executions are almost daily routine within the kingdom. Most do not dare defy the Queen; if not out of fear, then out of their own eccentricity.

Important Locations


Wonderland is the smallest country within Waltier's borders. It generally stays to itself, never introducing itself in outside affairs, preferring to solve its constant dilemmas, such as the shortage of workers, or the constant need to tend to the garden. The majority of Wonderland is actually a large overgrown garden, and no one is really sure if the current inhabitants made it that way, or that it was that way when they first arrived.

People of Importance


Queen Of Hearts


The Queen of Hearts is the arrogant and hot headed monarchy of Wonderland. She often acts without thinking, and her actions usually result in the head of a servant being cut from its body. She does not like admitting defeat, and especially despises being wrong, and she usually takes harsh action to the one who caused her the ill will. She especially despised those who treed into her kingdom without her permission.

Cheshire Cat


An odd one. He often speaks in riddles, and never really shows what the true meaning behind his words are. He also seems to almost always be amused, usually grinning, even when it would be considered inappropriate to do so. Like the many other inhabitants of Wonderland, he seems to strive for something, but its almost impossible to tell what he's striving for.

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