These are troubled times, and it's best if one was to arm himself well for the long battle ahead. There are many options when deciding which weaponry to use, and they all have their own upsides and downsides. The choice is yours, but it's important to have a little bit of information before running off into battle ill equipped. Here you will find information about every type of weapon available, as well as lists of all current weapons of the type, and the mods that exist on the weapons. There are no rare weapons shown here, you'll have to find those on your own ^_-.

One Handed Weapons

One handed weapons are easy to wield and light. They offer various combinations for battle, as you'll be able to use two at once, or even have the option of holding a shield in one hand. These are often much weaker than two handed weapons, but if you use two, you can attack twice as fast each turn.


Blades are stronger versions of the commonplace sword. They are often heavier and stronger, but they often limit ones options when it comes to battle, forcing the user to become very one dimensional. There are few blades available for purchase, but there are several more types which are rare and hard to obtain.

0101.gif Sweep Blade


Daggers are weapons that are primarily used by people who wish to have a swift means to attack. They are mostly used by people like thieves and the like. The dagger is a simple to use weapon, and being so, isn't very strong.

0607.gif Jambiya


Lightweight and a preferred weapon when it comes to marksmanship, Handguns are quickly rising into being used commonplace throughout the world. A select few models are magically inclined, but for the most part the physical aspect of the gun outweighs it. When using handguns you'll be able to hit your target more often, but you will be very susceptible to close range fighters.

Silver%20Cannon.gif Silver Cannon


A bit unconventional, Instruments encompass a wide variety of odd every day tools that have been modified into battle ready weaponry. These are often crafted with strong magics, and can increase the user's magical energies.

1503.gif War Trumpet


A legendary weapon that is only able to be used by a small amount of people in the world. These people are know as Keyblade Masters. Due to the popularity of the legend swirling about, craftsmen began to create knock offs of these legendary weapons and started selling them in bulk at stores. These blades are extremely unique with each one you will find, and they vary in usefulness. Often they are not obtained through normal means.

Kingdom%20Key.gif Kingdom Key


Originating in the west, these small blades often are compared to daggers. This is unfair to a degree, because the kunai is slightly less battle ready than a dagger can be. Kunai are more lightweight, making it easier for the user to dodge attacks. This is essential to succeeding with a kunai, because your defense is not nearly as good while using them, as there is no hilt to guard against attacks.

0801.gif Ninja Knife


A mage's specialty. These are enchanted pieces of wood that will greatly increase one's magical abilities beyond the normal amount. These weapons often will reduce your defensive abilities or your physical prowess. This is a good exchange for the benefits you'll receive.

1001.gif Rod


An improvement over the basic sword like the Blade, except slightly different. While the Blade increases your strength vastly, the saber prefers a more balanced and swifter approach to your attacking style. Use these diverse blades if you value offense over defense.

None available


Rods are for the more offensive minded magicians, and staves are more for the defensive minded one. Historically wielded by White Wizards, staves will increase your Resistance to enemy magics. Definitely an interesting choice to use in conjunction with a Rod.

0903.gif Judge Staff


The basic weapon of choice for most people starting their careers as mercenaries or soldiers. Easy to use and difficult to master, the sword is main weapon of preference throughout the world. Though more powerful weapons do exist, the popularity of the sword is one that will probably never fade.

0002.gif Silver Sword

Two Handed Weapons


Bows are one of the most classic forms of two handed assault upon your enemy. Using projectiles helps you keep your distance from short range attackers while dealing constant damage. The real strength of the bow lies in its small magical properties.

1201.gif Longbow


For the fighter who wishes to bring the fight to their opponent, the claws are for them. Advanced thieves prefer these weapons as they are able to greatly intimidate their foes. These weapons can inflict great physical damage, but their magical abilities are lacking.

1601.gif Hard Knuckles


A large improvement over the normal bow It's much more massive than a normal bow, but the larger size makes the user much less maneuverable in combat. The magical abilities of this weapon are much greater than the normal bow, which makes up for the department it lacks.

Frozen%20Bow.gif Frozen Bow


An unconventional weapon, the Handbomb is used by people who really enjoy explosives. These weapons are strange, because using them allows the user to be more mobile and able to evade attacks, while striking back hard.

2701a.gif Hornito


An ancient yet powerful weapon made of folded steel. The Katana has been known to be a devastating weapon if in the right hands. It takes two hands to use this weapon well, but if one can master it, they will become a force to be reckoned with.

0802.gif Murasame


A swift blade for a swift swordsman. The rapier grew in popularity because of it's devastating quickness and unrivaled sharpness. If facing a world class fencer, it is necessary to exert extreme caution. Rapiers have developed into being slightly heavier, needing two hands to handle successfully.

0703.gif Fleuret


Widely unused because of the sheer difficulty to master such an interesting weapon. A warrior using this weapon will boast extreme reach and a devastatingly sharp edge to it. Though speed will no longer be your strong suit, you'll be able to defend most close ranged attacks with ease, while dealing intense damage.

3113_12474_1188710117.gif Javelin


This blade takes years to master, and even then, it'll often require a lot of luck in addition to skill to keep from cutting yourself. Two blades attached at the hilt to each other makes this a very effective weapon if handled correctly. Accuracy and speed are vital when using this weapon, and your defenses will be airtight from the attacks capable of this blade. However, your magical abilities and evasion won't be helped much.

Swallow.gif Butterfly Edge
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