Organization Of Shadows

The Organization of Shadows are a mysterious group who have kidnapped King Mickey and fled to the East of Waltier. They have so far eluded pursuers, but all of Disney Castle's soldiers, and other adventurers have taken up the quest to track down the King. More information about this group is becoming available by the day.

Current Status

One of the 13 Members have been identified and has been sighted in Agrabah. He is not the one who has kidnapped the King. The kidnapper went through a strange portal and escaped to an unknown area. There are a few people who have begun the pursuit.


The Organization of Shadows has been known to be in existence for many years now. Years previous to the King's kidnapping, the Organization had tried to overtake Disney Castle before, but had ended in failure due to the King and his keyblade wielding allies. At that time, there was only two of them, but according to intelligence coming in from unknown sources, the organization has now grown to include 13 members. Aside from this, not much is known about them. The only other thing that is known is that when they were defeated by the King and his allies, they managed to escape, only saying that they intend to engulf the world in darkness. They have not been heard from since they tried to overtake the castle.


It is rumor that the Organization consists of 13 members. It is unknown if they are Heartless, Nobody, Human, or something else entirely. When information about the members becomes available, it will be placed here.

Henskie: The Liquid Maelstrom

Henskie: The Liquid Maelstrom

Henskie has been sighted in a strange place beyond Agrabah. No one knows exactly what kind of place this is, or if it even exists on Waltier or not.

Henskie is known to use Poison and Water based magics. He comes equipped with a long silvery blue spear known as the Neptune Gospel. He is a formidable foe, adventurers should beware.

It is thought that he is one of the lower ranked Organization members. His purpose seems to be to slow down the mercenaries following the King's abductor. When he is on the brink of defeat, he vanishes into the shadows, leaving behind a strange stone that has come to be called Etherite.

Some people believe that this is a remnant of Henskie's soul, and proof for having bested him in combat. Henskie's Etherite is Indigo colored.

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