Rare Game

The land of Waltier and beyond are deep in historical significance and rich in legends about huge beasts that once roamed the world, or maybe do to this day. Often, there are reports of sightings of these monsters, and several adventurers make a living out of putting their lives in danger in order to attempt to do combat with these various beasts in order to claim rich rewards offered.

Recently, The Traverse Town Council elected a man by the name of Cecil Harvey. All reports of rare and powerful monsters are sent directly to him. In turn, he posts various information and rewards for any who are able to vanquish these foes. This is a primer consisting of information about these rare game and the spoils they leave behind if vanquished.

Twin Dragon

The Twin Dragon is a beast that appears in humid conditions when the time is right. Normally it lives deep in the hills of Deep Jungle, far from any known civilization. Most of its time is spent in hibernation, but every so often it will wake and search for food. Recently it has been spotted around the Deep Jungle Campsite, a frequent gathering for adventurers. This terrifying beast is capable of casting various strong spells such as Thundara and Aerora on its victims if resistance is made. The Twin Dragon attacks with both of its beastly heads. In ancient days when countless Twin Dragons infested Deep Jungle, adventurers would keep its eye as a trophy of their triumph.

Known Locations: Deep Jungle - Camp
Rarity: 4%
Treasure: Dragon%20Eye.gif Dragon Eye
Cecil's Reward: Rubber Suit (Clothes)


The land of Waltier was not always a happy place. Once, there was a dark wizard king that roamed the world and caused terror, death, and destruction. Legend says that this wizard wasn't a man, but an elf bent on acquiring more power. When Astos was finally slain by the hands of a Noble Paladin, his spirit couldn't rest. As such, he began to haunt the woods of Wonderland, seeking out prey to terrorize and use for its own fiendish devises. There are rumors that Astos is trying to create an army of minions to take Disney Castle in the King's absence and reclaim his old title of King. Be wary if you run into this fiend on the prowl, as he attacks swiftly with Dark magic that few have seen in many years.

Known Locations: Wonderland - Bizarre Room
Rarity: 2%
Treasure: Imp%20Horn.gif Imp Horn
Cecil's Reward: Saezuri (Kunai)

Iron Giant

A menacing giant has been known to inhabit the sandy desert of Agrabah from time to time. This massive cerulean beast wears heavy metal armor and brandishes a large blade. Its sheer size and massive power have trampled many foes time and time again, but some have been able to best it. Normally the Iron Giant is a very passive creature, and resides in the middle of the desert away from all mankind. The Giant is peaceful by nature, though you wouldn't guess it from its enormous stature and fearsome scowl. The Iron Giant launched an unprovoked attack upon Agrabah's Palace, but was turned away by warriors who met it before it reached its destination. It is currently unknown what provoked the attack, but there are many Agrabian scholars who are investigating the matter. The Giant as since returned to the desert, but Cecil fears that there may be another attack in the future. Those who helped in the fight may have been lucky enough to take a piece of the Giant's armor, made of fabled Materite.

Known Locations: Agrabah - Cave of Wonders
Rarity: 2%
Treasure: materite.gif Materite
Cecil's Reward: Largamente (Saber)


Not much is known about this mark, as only a select few have seen it in combat. When more is known about this beast, it will be posted.

Known Locations: Deep Jungle - Camp
Rarity: Unknown
Treasure: Topaz%20Armring.gif Topaz Armring
Cecil's Reward: Adept's Shield (Shield)

Alte Roite

Not all spirits are dark in nature. This mark is in the form of an ancient wizard of light that once was a great hero of Waltier. People far and wide would call him the Thundercloud Mage, due to his amazing ability to create massive storms when his full power was used. Recently, though, something has changed in Mage Roite, causing him to become violent in nature. It was up to some strong hearted adventurers to push through the magical onslaught and take down the mage, hopefully restoring him to his right mind. The victors have taken the Thundercloud Badge that Alte Roite wears on his cloak at all times as proof of their conquest.

Known Locations: Deep Jungle - Camp
Rarity: 1%
Treasure: badge.gif Thundercloud Badge
Cecil's Reward: Icebrand and Atmos Blade (Blades)

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