Just as with a good sword, one must pick a good set of protective clothing to help serve him or her in the most dire of times. These include full plate suits, simple farmer's clothes, and the magically inclined Robe. One must pick wisely in the outfit one relies on, as it may serve you in a time of dire need.


Everyday clothing adapted for combat purposes. This is the poor man's suit of armor, and serves as decent protection considering that they are but mere traveling clothes. Armor doesn't come any lighter or cheaper than this.

Copy%20of%202401.gif Leather Garb


True armor, designed to protect its wearer from damage. Armor has been used for almost as long as people began fighting, after they realized that by wearing thick leather, it would help them from getting hurt. This idea soon evolved into having Plate Mail, and using materials such as iron, or mythril. Armor is generally heavy, not designed to be swift. Instead, it concentrates on allocating as much protection to its wearer's vital points. This strategy makes the wearer extremely resilient, as well as allowing weak blows to be deflected.

2301.gif Cuirass


A normal clothing article at first look, but look again! The fibers woven together to create this cloth will help to heighten the wearer’s magical prowess! This is the magician’s armor, and will often boast a small amount of defense, but it easily customizable by the wearer. Who needs strong armor when you can cast a simple Protect spell?

2501.gif Hempen Robe


Hats are a very common piece of headgear that is worn by everyone from children to senior citizens. A hat is lightweight, and offers very little protection in comparison with other things you can wear on your head. Hats can come in all different shapes and sizes. Often hats that are outfitted for battle are charmed with different abilities, with some increasing maneuverability, and some increasing magical ability. There are enough choices of hats to find one that really suits you.

2204.gif Feather Cap


In days long past, helms were only worn by the elite knights and guardians due to their high cost and intense weight. Now, though, helms are manufactured cheaply and are available to a wider selection of people. Helms often have a large amount of defensive abilities and increase one’s physical ability.

2103.gif Opal Helm


The shield is one of the most basic defensive armaments in existence. Many knightly sorts of characters used shields as a way to defend against strong attacks, but as time wore on they began to be adopted into a more casual role on the battlefield. Now it is not unheard of for people sporting daggers, maces, or any sorts of one handed weapon to be carrying a sturdy shield in their off hand. Using a shield make take away from offensive capabilities, but they will also make you more agile and easier to dodge a variety of attacks, including bolstering your defensive abilities in addition to your armor or clothing.

2003.gif Opal Shield
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