The Continent of Waltier, Political Boundries
Map of Waltier
Red: Disney Kingdom
Green: Wonderland
Yellow: Olympus
Orange: Kingdom of Agrabah
Grey: Nobodies Nation Salcarius
Violet: Monarchy of Regentie

Mostly peaceful denizens inhabit the South East continent of Waltier. The continent has not experienced any real war for over several decades, and is in an almost constant state of peace. The continent itself is split between several political entities: The Kingdom of Disney (the dominate power), Wonder Land, Olympus, and the Kingdom of Agrabah. Despite being located near the Southern poll of the world, it is blessed with an amazingly varied climate and vegetations. This includes a vast dessert, many rain forests; lush rolling hills, and an entire land built much like a garden.

Disney Kingdom Is the most well known Kingdom in all of Waltier, and even outside the continent as well.

Wonderland One of the more interesting kingdoms. Filled with often quirky people, who seem to know more then they let on.

Olympus The City-State-like battleground where many heroes come to face each other in combat, to decide who is the greatest warrior.

Kingdom of Agrabah The kingdom located in the desert, known for being a tourist attraction.

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