Olympus (Political)
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Though not a country of its own, Olympus is considered to be independent from the neighboring countries. Olympus is home to a great many mythological beings and heroes. People come in droves to what is considered the capital of Olympus, the Olympus Coliseum, to witness the various world famous competitions. Many warriors and heroes have come to the Coliseum to prove their worth. One of the most note worthy competitors is none other than the "Hero of the People", Hercules.

Important Locations

Olympus Coliseum

Olympus is considered to be a part of the Kingdom of Agrabah, but its more or less considered independent by most people. It's the home of many great hero's and warriors, all coming to Olympus to participate in its world famous fighting competitions, to prove their mettle, win glory, reputation, as well as respect from the rest of the world. It is known for the many heroes that have exited its gates.

Clan Headquarters

The Clan Headquarters is a place where all Clans must register if they want to be considered legitimate. In the Clan Headquarters tons of information and statistics are kept on every clan and ever clan member. Here you can find Montblanc the Moogle and Ritz, a traveler from another world. They keep everything in control that goes on in the Headquarters.

People of Importance

Olympus Coliseum



Probably one of the greatest fighters in Olympus. He is known across the world for his great strength, and will. He has defeated opponents 40 times his own size, swinging them around, throwing them off into the distance. He is also known for his kindness, and how he respects his many fans, always appearing in fights to continue to give them hope.



Phil runs the competitions and tournaments held in Olympus, and is also known to be one of the greatest trainers ever, having raised and developed many heroes. Currently under his wing is Hercules, who he continues to train to become the best, always pushing him, and expanding his limits.



Lord of the Underworld, and a very devious person all around. He spends his time devising schemes to do away with the "goody two shoes" Hercules. He has sent vicious monsters and strong warriors at Hercules time and time again, but each ended in failure. Visitors should be very wary of this character, especially if he changes from a calm blue to a fiery red.

Clan Headquarters



Montblanc is a moogle among moogles. While others concern themselves with becoming entrepreneurs, Montblanc has always been interested in forming clans. In addition to being the head honcho of all clans, he also is at the head of his own, Clan Centurio. This clan is more of a peace keeping clan in the world, keeping relations between clans on a good friendly level.



Ritz is a pink haired girl from a far off land. Always interested in combat since she was small, she finally got her chance to practice magic and train with weaponry when the Heartless began appearing. She's strong, confident, and intelligent, and that's why Montblanc immediately hired her into Clan Centurio. She's second in command in the prestigious clan, and someone to be respected.

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