Black Arts

Black Arts are one of the most widely used spell groups for a budding wizard or witch. This is where much of the artistry of magic originates. The world is broken down into three primary elements - Fire, Thunder, and Ice. From these three, wizards have merged together and created three more elements that are used very frequently - Water, Quake, and Aero. Black Magic is flashy and attacks in a grand style, conjuring magical flames or shards of ice to inflict damage upon their opponents. This is the most popular and most easily useable form of magic in existence at this time.

White Arts

White Arts is a branch of magic much to the opposite of Black Arts. Black Arts consists of destruction and physical damage while White Arts exist to clean up the aftermath. White Arts derives its power from the soul of the user, tapping into their inner light in order to restore flesh and bone, as well as mend spirits. White Arts can be used by anyone from any walk of life, no matter how much light you carry in your heart, but can used more effectively by those who tread closer to the light. Simple forms of White Arts would be curative magic like Cure, and Cura, and those that restore health such as Vox and Blindna.

Green Arts

Green Arts are often overlooked in the way of magic. They are only practiced by a select few that are dedicated enough to push the limits of their earthly bodies. The basic principles in the school of Green Magic is that the earth emits its own magical field. Humans, being of the earth, also have a small magical field around them. Green Arts are formed by using that natural magical essence and bending it to your will. Simple forms of Green Arts would be protective magic such as Protect and Shell, as well as magics that can boost your natural abilities, such as Brave and Faith.

Dark Arts

If Green Arts increase the user's abilities, Dark Arts erode them. Dark Arts are wielded efficiently by those who have given into the darkness, or have accepted it and do not fear it. Dark Arts chip away at your opponent and attack them from within. Though it may not be readily apparent the way that Black Arts attack, Dark Arts are named how they are for a reason. They will attack you stealthily and wear you down over time instead of attack you all at once. The goal in using Dark Arts is to weaken your opponents and pick them off easily, making their own bodies and minds turn against them. An example of Dark Arts would be Silence.

Time Arts

Arts that can alter the flow of time in the world fall under time arts. There are very dangerous if used incorrectly, as one could unintentionally place oneself outside of the timeline, rendering them for all intensive purposes deceased. Once out of the timeline, there is no known way to get back within the flow of time, so take heed when using them! Time arts however can be extremely useful in battles as you can gain a speed advantage over your opponent, or reduce their actions to be incredibly sluggish and easy to handle and counter.
An example of Time Arts would be Haste

Ally Arts

Occasionally through any journey, you will stumble upon people that you will help out of a predicament. When this happens, it's only natural for them to want to return the favor in some way. Sometime they will lend you their power in the form of a "summon" spell. When using these arts, simply think about that ally that you have helped, and they will appear in some form to give you aid in battle. Useful and costly, Ally Arts are build upon strong bonds of friendship.

Song Arts

The essence of being a traveling bard encapsulated in a simply spell to boost your, or your teammates, morale! Simply sing a song in your heart and you'll suddenly feel rejuvenated and ready to go another round or two. These magics take a toll on your mana, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Always be on the lookout to find more songs to sing, as they can really help turn the tide of battle!
An example of Song Arts would be the Matador's Song

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