Kingdom Of Agrabah (Political)
Kingdom of Agrabah
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The Kingdom of Agrabah is the seconds largest trade center in all of Waltier, second only to Disney Kingdom. The Kingdom itself is located in the vast desert of Waltier. Though the climate can be intense, Agrabah is a hotspot for tourist due to the array of shops that line the streets. Admittedly the crime rate is quite high, and one can never be to careful as to keep an eye out for the thieves and other criminals who are looking to take advantage of innocent tourist.

Important Locations


Agrabah is the capital and nerve center of the Agrabah Kingdom. It is one of the most commonly frequented tourist locations, (despite the high crime rate,) and is known for the many shops and tourist based business. It also houses the Royal palace, which is home to the royal family, King Aladdin and his wife Jasmine.

People of Importance



The current rule of Agrabah. He is known to his people as the hero who defeated Jafar, the old adviser to the previous king, who had planned to become ruler of Agrabah. He is actually of no royal heritage, and was previously a thief that had lived on the streets, and had somehow managed to make his way into royalty. He is almost always seen with his pet, and friend monkey, Abu. He is a man of the people and has been seen regularly wandering the streets of Agrabah in normal clothing with the commoners. He even owns a second shabby house within the confines of Agrabah's capital, where he spends most of his time.

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