Disney Kingdom
Disney Kingdom
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Being the most influential and dominant power in Waltier, Disney Kingdom has gained much respect from its neighbours. As a monarchy, the land is ruled by the current King Mickey and Queen Minnie The current rulers of the Kingdom are almost household names, as they are among most beloved and respected rulers of any era. Disney Kingdom, due to its great influence, has grown into the dominant political entity. Its trade never seems to slow, making the kingdom ever richer. The unemployment rate is at an amazing low, raising world standards across the globe. The workers of Disney Kingdom are well known for their efficiency and strive. They are extreme pacifists, only stooping to war out of absolute necessity, though as much has not been necessary for several decades.

The Kingdom is home to many bustling cities, the most note-worthy being the fortified city of Disney Castle and Traverse Town. Disney Castle is a city within a fortress. Able to completely survive on its own, it is filled with the many workers and soldiers made up of the Disney people. Just south of Disney Castle itself is Traverse Town. Traverse Town could be described as a centre of the Disney people. Almost all of the Disney residents have been to Traverse Town at least once, as it is the economic centre of the entire kingdom. Many a young lad has set off on their own from Traverse Town.

Important Locations

Disney Castle

Disney Castle is the capital of the Disney Kingdom. It is a self-sufficient city of its own. The castle is filled with hallways that seem to continue on forever. Disney Castle contains a sleeping quarters, Waltier’s only functioning bank, an armory, a library, and an array of other things that help the castle function. Disney Castle is always heavily guarded, with guards who are ever vigilant to stop any trouble that may arise or any individual that wishes King Mickey ill will.

Traverse Town

The economic center of the Disney Kingdom, Traverse Town is known for being the beginning of many an adventurer's quest. It contains many shops and markets, adding even further to its net worth in munny, and many sell and cater to the young adventurer in mind. Another known quirk of Traverse is that it is almost always completely draped in night, light never able to pierce through the thick magic smog that was placed there by enemies of the Kingdom in the last known war to occur in Waltier.

Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle spreads across Waltier, dividing the Disney Kingdom from its neighbors. And although it is officially part of Disney's sovereignty, it is not really treated as so, as it only serves as a obstacle from invading countries. Due to this lack of protection, it serves as a home to many bandits, heartless, and warring clans, and is fairly dangerous to cross. Despite this, it is still heavily crossed by adventurer and tradesman regularly, as it is the only way to get to the other countries.

People of Importance

Disney Castle

King Mickey

King Mickey is the beloved ruler of the Disney Kingdom, and is known for his fair, just, and wise rule. He is the main reason that Waltier has not had a single war for single decades, due to his ideals, and how he strives for peace. He is also known for saving the continent from being consumed by darkness. He cares for his people, and does his best to serve them. In return, the people adore him, and follows his lead without question. Even outside the Kingdom, the other neighbors see him in the same light, and think almost as, if not equally, highly of him.

Queen Minnie


Queen Minnie is the wife of King Mickey, and queen of the Disney Kingdom. She is equally beloved by the people of the kingdom, taking up the king’s responsibilities when he must take leave. She is a competent ruler, and views her subject in much the same manner a mother views her children.



Though he may not seem the fitting choice for the position, Goofy is the competent captain of Disney's Royal Knights. Neither king nor subject has any doubt about Goofy’s qualifications, as he has never once failed his people or his king in the past. Goofy maybe slow on the draw, but he possesses a renowned ability to notice what others would otherwise miss.



The Royal Mage, Donald is considered the king’s right-hand man, a title Donald takes very seriously. He is extremely adept at magic, and has no qualms displaying his talents for those who are foolish enough to challenge him. Quite the hotheaded one, Donald often lets his emotions get the better of him.



Charged with the defense of the South Gates, the stoic Shamdeo is known for his down-to-business personality. Many joke that he is ever “on-duty”. He should not be mistaken as uncaring by any stretch of the imagination. Shamdeo in fact cares deeply for the many new recruits and youngsters in Disney Castle, and is always doing his best to help train and guide them to success. Personality aside, he is known as the most competent fighter in all of Disney Castle, and is often considered the "Champion of Disney."

Traverse Town



Member of the Traverse Town Council, and helps with leading the affairs of the town. He is a renowned mechanic, specializing in Gummy ships and parts. He's a fairly gruff and friendly old man, always straight to the point, but ever careful to avoid upsetting people, though he is known for his great spear handling, able to easily take on heartless on his own.

Cecil Harvey


Councilor of the Traverse Town Council, he usually helps with the paper work involved with the Council, organizing threats, and dispatching men to deal with Heartless and Monster threats to Traverse Town. He doesn't often go out on dispatches himself, but it is rumored that he has seen quite the few battles in his day, before he retired to a desk job.



Though it is highly thought that GTX is NOT his real name, nobody really cares, and so just continue to call him GTX. GTX is the assistant of Cid, and helps him out around the shop. He is fairly capable, though he still has much to learn.



Known for his talent and skill within the magical pursuits, he is an adept and capable wizard. He often stutters, and easily forgets things that had often just happened. He has most recently opened a magic and gummy part store within his home, and is often visited by those who want to follow the mage's road.

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