Raw materials found throughout the world are plentiful, but there are only a few that are a Moogle's favorite to work with when creating items. Crystals are a rare find around Waltier, and around the rest of the world, but if you're able to get your hands on some, you have some pretty powerful stuff. Try taking them to a Moogle Shop and you'd be amazed at what they can make! These Moogle Shops are well hidden and hard to find. None of them exist in Waltier. Most commonly found are small fragments of these crystals, called shards. It's possible to combine these common shards together to be able to form bigger pieces, known as stones. Stones in turn can be combined together easily to make gems. Gems can be actually turned into one of these fabled crystals. Hordes of money makers get their big break by collecting and selling shards to Moogles for a big pay out. What are you waiting for!? There's munny to be made!

Energy%20Crystal.gif Energy Crystal
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