In the land of Waltier, and even further beyond, there are factions of people that group together and preserver for a common cause. These people band together and support each other, battle alongside each other, and help each other with varying goals. These groups are what we know as clans. Anyone can start a clan and gather members, and most people who traverse the world are members of some.

What Is a Clan?

A clan is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. They are often made up of adventurers and skilled warriors and mages. Clans fight together and work together for a variety of reasons, from gathering wealth, to gathering territories. There are plenty clans scattered throughout Waltier, and even beyond that.

Clan Jobs

Often inhabitants of the world will post odd jobs for clanners to carry out, with the promise of a large reward upon completion. Often they will score clan points to boost their renown in the world, and individual members may earn special prizes that most people cannot obtain. Winning clan jobs is an easy way to boost the recognition your clan will receive.

Current Active Clans

There are currently 6 clans that would be considered active. These clans have all scored points in the Clan Primer.

How to Start a Clan

Anyone may create a clan, but it takes a strong leader to make sure a clan preforms well enough to stay together. The only requirement for being in a clan is that you must have at least five active members in your clan at any point in time to keep the title of being a clan.

Getting Your Clan Listed

If you would like your clan listed here, it must meet the following standards:

  • Accumulated points in the Clan Primer
  • Successfully won a Clan Job
  • Successfully conquered a Turf
  • Achieved something worthy of adding to the Honors section
  • Has been around and active for over four months

In addition, your clan may be deleted if:

  • The Clan Leader gets suspended and the clan becomes disbanded
  • Your member count falls below the required five
  • Your clan becomes completely inactive for over two months
  • At the request of the clan leader.
  • Your Clan Thread gets locked or moved to the Trash Bin

Clan Obituary

Sometimes clans just can't stand up on their own and are laid to rest before reaching their prime. This is a memoriam of those clans that once roamed the wide landscapes of this world and are no longer with us.

Visit the Dead Clans Section

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