Chocobos are flightless birds, commonly used as a source of labor, and as transportation. They are generally friendly, and not very hostile, though they can be trained as a body guard of sorts. Its not often that you see them in this role, but their claws and beak, as well as their exceptional speed, allow them to preform this function effectively.

Chocobos have been bred to do a large number of things. Some are bred for transportation purposes, and others are bred for pets. Most often these days, Chocobos are bred for battle. Chocobos have adapted well to the idea of throwing themselves into the fray on a number of occassions, and have developed a few interesting skills along the way.

- Chocobo Stomp - Stomp on your foe!
- Chocobo Frenzy - Unleash your Chocobo's true fighting power onto a single foe.

- Yellow Fury

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