Captain Chocobo

Captain Chocobo was thought to be nothing but a legend sung throughout the tales of Waltier. However, this has been proven to not be the case. Captain Chocobo is a hero of justice and the way of good. Not much else is know about this hero, but when more is known, this page will be updated.

Captain Chocobo

The elusive Captain Chocobo has become something of a legend around Waltier since a bounty was posted by D Aros. Ever since then, there has been a quiet buzz about this mighty hero, and the super villains that plague Waltier. I had a chance to sit down with the Captain recently and found out some interesting facts about him. Captain Chocobo was a regular chocobo that was infected by toxic waste when he was but a chick, and transformed into Captain Chocobo. His arch nemesis is the evil Doctor Von Zipper, who is deceitful and likes to turn people against the Champion of Justice. Another recent villain was Moogle Man, who enjoys pushing children down and breaking their toys. He also was trying to convince the residents of Waliter that Captain Chocobo was an evil force. Through it all, the Captain has preserved and protected Waltier and its innocent inhabitants from the forces of evil. Whenever there is danger, just look to the heavens and see the Choco-Call and know that Captain Chocobo is on the way.


Because Captain Chocobo is a Super Hero, he has several special abilities. Not many are known because he prefers to keep them secret from most. Several have been discovered however:

· He has Choco-Titanium Feathers which are bullet-proof, impossible to pluck, and harder than Materite.
· He can leap over really really tall buildings - Just how tall is unknown at the moment
· His Choco Kicks have the force of a Sonic Boom


· He has a side kick called the Choco Kid
· His favorite color is Chocobo Yellow
· His favorite food are Warkleberries
· He always speaks in the third person

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